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Multi Uses  Pet Cat Toy Interactive Toys Track Ball Tunnel For Cats Kitten Games Treat Intelligence Fun Triple Puzzle Toy | cat toys (pink)


Labyrinth – obstacle

-Crazy ball track

beauty simulator

-It is under the Cat toy box lid and allows the hunter to come inside triggered.

-Tidy and mess-free

-Guilt-in bottom storage space to store obstacles and make it a safe kitten toy

-Exercise the cat’s body

cat toy: This toy engages cats to get the prey inside, this movement effectively increases cat’s body health.

-Unique design

-All cat roller toy designs are unique, which are comfortable and entertaining.

3 different game modes

1. Mode Game – Obstacle Maze

Leave treats or toys between the obstacle board and replace the cover. Then let the little kitty get the “prey” of the maze using their intelligence.

2. Mode Game – Crazy Trackball

The base of the  mix is a two-sided play area with one side used for the obstacle maze and the other for the crazy trackball ball.

3. Mode Game – Feather Hunting Simulator

There is a hook placed under the cover can hang various toys. Allows the hunter within to go wild!


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